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Spirituality for REAL: Beyond the Incense and Meditation

First book in series, coming out mid 2019


Book 1: Spirituality for REAL: Beyond the Incense and Meditation
... after reading the book manuscript the editor of 38 National Best Sellers had this to say:


One of my favorite expressions is "He knows his beans."; That means the person has a complete knowledge base of his material, and we can trust what he says.

WakundaMa, knows his beans.

The breadth of information is astonishing. Thank you so much for sending me your brilliant manuscript. Because I have long been a practitioner of spiritual principles and have attempted to guide myself by them, I already knew many of the concepts you included in your material. I found much I did not know, however, and felt fascinated by your content and perspective.

You have a way of explaining concepts that makes me wonder why the thought hadn’t occurred to me already. "The forest for the trees"? Your thoughts are self-evident and true.

Your content is wonderful. It is fascinating and complete. You attend to everything. Every aspect gets such full attention, beginners can’t help but be exposed to a thorough discussion of subjects they have never considered or known to exist. By the time beginners finish reading your book, they will surely feel as if a new world stretches before them. You will change people’s lives, and in so doing, you are doing your part to change the world. Your approach is far-reaching; certainly, the longtime practitioners of spiritual law will find material to enlighten them further. I congratulate you for your effort, which is not only considerable but obvious.

Laurie Rosin | Editor of 38 best sellers |


Book 1: Spirituality for REAL: Beyond the Incense and Meditation (coming out mid 2019)
Book 2: Spirituality for REAL: Deep Healing (coming out late 2019)


WakundaMa has given a "Ted Talk" on spirituality and healing,

which is comparable to recognition as someone of exceptional and innovative or nontraditional expertise which should be shared. And the author shares it very adeptly in his book.

What impresses me throughout is the depth of careful thoughtfulness he has given to his findings or arguments. He didnŐt just accept them from someone else, but developed and refined them, focused on them over time in his personal experience, and moved to levels of further understanding. He has personally contemplated what he has uncovered with great attention, exploration, patience, and tenderness, to tease out exactly what each principle is that is at work.

WakundaMa also uses drawings very effectively to drive home some difficult concepts, and he includes very well-presented meditation sessions that can be of enormous benefit to the reader who does them, and then does them again, and again.

If this were out now, I would be the first to buy several copies! My hat is off to this author, who has taught me a great deal!

The Editing team at BookBaby publishing company.


While you wait for WakundaMa's new book other recommended reads are as follows below


Alternative Medicine

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This is an excellent reference that surveys most every kind of alternative health care therapies.

Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing through the Human Energy Field

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This was Barbara Brennan's first and best selling book. This is one of the most forward thinking books on the chakras and energy healing.


Light Emerging : The Journey of Personal Healing

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This is Barbara Brennan's second book. It one of the most forward thinking books on the chakras and energy healing. This gives detailed and comprehensive coverage of energy chakras and human energy aura interactions. It goes further into more advanced topics such as the "hara dimension" and "core start" dimension.


Energy Anatomy: The Science of Personal Power

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This is an excellent audio tape that covers the energy chakras in a practical real life sense. Carolyn Myss lifts off the "mystique" that often seems to surround this subject of energy healing and human intuition. She says that we are all intuitive. "so intuitive that we are miserable" She claims no supernatural powers or psychic ability, but does have the ability to intiutively diagnose the true cause of a person's illness with extremely high accuracy.


The Holographic Universe

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This book is the one that all the other books refer to. He's the one credited with the idea of life being holographic. He has an interesting bit on Near Death Experiences.


The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

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This is a must get book to explore your fears and demons. What do you fear? If someone could read your thoughts all the time, what thoughts would you be most embarrassed to be discovered? What is your potential to turn into the type of person you try to stay away from. Is there a dark desire or part of our personality that you'd dare never to share with another? This is the book that says that this dark side is ok, in fact it must be embraced rather than suppressed and avoided.


Light Medicine of the Future

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This is a book written by an opthamologist that demonstrates that light and color can heal. It is analytic science starting to confirm concepts long accepted in eastern philosophies and healing. If you've always been a bit skeptical about claims of colored energy chakras then this is book that will start to make you doubt your skepticism.


Healing Mudras : Yoga for Your Hands

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This is a book on physical body gestures (mudras) that help you energetically. If you're a big skeptic on energy chakras, then this may not be appropriate for a first book. If you are open simply to try something that's less physically challenging than Yoga, then you might want to try this book.


Rolfing : Reestablishing the Natural Alignment

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This is the reference book for candidate Rolfing practitioners. Ida Rolfe was one of the pioneers of body work.

Body and Mature Behavior

Body and Mature Behavior

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This is one the reference books used by Feldenkrais practioners. Moshe Feldenkrais was also a pioneer in the field of body work. His work has often seemed miraculous, in that he could literally fix back pain or other tramau in a matter of minutes by touching you. He had restored basic motion and some speech to a child with advanced cerebal palsy in one session. He had led a room full of elderly nuns with excercises that had them putting there legs over their heads by the end of class! This book doesn't teach you Feldenkrais, but rather teaches you to think more about how the human body works.

The Energy of Money : A Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment

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This is probably the best book to date that talks about the spiritual connection to this intangible thing called money.


Your Money or Your Life

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This book got famous through Oprah Winfrey. It's a very practical book that says that more money brings happiness up to a point. Once you go past this point, then more money proceeds to reduce your happiness. This book helps you find that right balance between not having enough money and having too much money.


Money Therapy: Using the Eight Money Types

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This book groups us into 8 categories of money personalities. While you might not find yourself fitting cleanly in one of the categories, it is definitely interesting and revealing to take the book's pyschological profile test. One profound concept is that the most successful money personality is one that heads toward his fear. Fear is the opportunity to face rather than avoid.


Secrets of the Temple : How the Federal Reserve runs the Country

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This is a very thick book. This book introduces some advanced concepts on how money really works. These are concepts that help you understand more about the stock market. Most important it makes you really appreciate the thinking of Alan Greenspan. It makes you really see how money is not real as we might like to think, but more just some abstract thing that exists because we believe it exists.


The Art of Loving

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This is an interesting book on the concept of love. The title makes you think that this will be a book on how to be "romantic." In fact this comes to define what true love is. The true lover most importantly loves himself or herself. The selfless giver of loving who mostly neglects themself is revealed to be no different than a selfish person. This is considered a classic text for pyschologists.


The Grief Recovery Handbook

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This is a good handbook to deal with the loss of a loved one. However, it is also a good book for just about anyone who wants some techniques to make them a more complete person.


Money : Who Has How Much and Why

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This is easy, interesting reading. It starts to make you question just why you make the money you make. Did you really earn it? or was it more to do with being fortunate.


The Courage to Be Rich

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This book is one that tries to deal with the issue of feeling guilty to be rich. Mostly, however, this is more of an excellent book on financial planning.