What Does WakundaMa Mean?



I currently maintain 3 different websites all describing different aspects about me. This is because I'm sharing three different dimensions of me. The three parts I'd describe are:

1) Spirit part of me. This is the "wakundama" of me that I identifty with. It is the whole of who I've been since the beginning and it integrates the learning of the next two parts of me that I will describe.

2) Ego part of me. In my blog http://www.tiredmiddleagedman.com I describe the everyday me. The one that has to do with my insecurity in everyday interactions. This is the part of me that was raised to succeed materially and at times loses touch with things that seem spiritual. This is the part of me that sets out on quests, procrastinates and quits. This is the part that makes promises and breaks them. This is the part that is the busy body trying to plan out my career and my future.

3) Inner part of me. In my blog http://www.touchthesource.com I describe the deeper part of me that sits quiet many times but knows. This is the part that promises, and actually knows the concept of happiness beyond description without having to do anything. This is the part of just being. This is the part that reveals my brushes, encounters and insight when I get an ecstatically beautiful inner sensation, I call "the Source". It is in many ways the greatest potential of who I am. It is the quiet inner voice of intuition that creates the spiritual knowledge that gets integrated into the whole of me that I call "wakundama" As you read the three websites of http://www.wakundama.com, http://www.tiredmiddleagedman.com and http://www.touchthesource.com, you may notice some overlap. This is to be expected as I integrate the different parts of me.