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"As a person being a recipient of the treatment, I felt he was VERY perceptive when he did the interview process with me. When I left his house and walked to my car, I could actually walk better! I was so excited! Thank you! -- Carol, Pennsylvania"

I did a long distant healing with him on the phone. We talked for about 10 minutes, then I received a long distant healing from him. I found it very powerful & it really was a very positive & healing experience for me. It assisted me in coming more into alignment in my body, and my power. Thank you so much WakundaMa, it was really amazing!!! Jen B BC, Canada

"During a session he sensed something in my lower abdomen, and I began to feel a tugging there. My doctor then started using ultrasounds to monitor a cyst there. Thanks for helping me focus on that area." -- Frances, Delaware

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Supporting the Healing of Disorder or Disease in life

Recovering Intention in Life. Reclaim Self worth.

"All healing is the return to self."
Doctor Barbara Ann Brennan

"Energy Medicine is the last big frontier in medicine"-- Dr. Mehmet Oz, M.D. College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University

He began to explore energy healing in 1980's when he experienced how meditation resulted in increasingly rapid healing from the flu symptoms to the point he almost never seemed to get sick again. In the 1990’s He started seriously deepening into spirituality, starting the ”wakundama.com” website, writing a book and teaching courses on spirituality and meditation, but declining requests to give healings. The Spirit started to lose patience and in 2010 informed him in his sleep that he had been registered to the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Within two weeks he showed up at the first day of School and continued thru all the 4 years of intensive training. He furthermore deepened his skills for 5 additional years with the Pathwork organization, the same organization upon which Barbara Brennan herself used to ground the spiritual foundation of her own school. WakundaMa brings forth truth, love and sensitivity to the healing space.

I want to heal the you within me and me within you. Because I love you and I miss you and want to connect with you dear friend. I am a professional healer. I help you heal and recover your intention in life and help you reclaim your worth.  This sets up the healing of any disorder or disease in life. I do this by offering safety, space, loving energy and contact for your unique story to be expressed, heard, felt and honored.  My work involves some table work and verbal exchange. My sessions can be done in person or remotely by phone or video.

I work with Bi-polar, Depression, MS, Cancer and other disorders. I have worked with clients in sessions to provide clarity, focus and success in life by helping to recover purpose, align intention, and reclaim worth. If you don't know what "Energy Healing" is I will start off by asking if you are familiar with phrases like:

"That person gives me good vibes" or

"my gut says this is the right thing to do" or

"My instincts say something is wrong with this" or

"The energy in this neighborhood feels good ... I'd like to live here"

"The energy in the air is heavy"

These are part of our everyday language, but they are direct expressions of non-physical or "energetic" realm of human existence. Consider this: If a person enters a room and you are "feeling good vibes" your body and mind will be more relaxed, possibly happy or excited. If that person gives off "bad vibes" you will be more on guard, uneasy, and stressed. And that person, can have a change in mood or attitude and you will feel it. If a person is very angry you will feel it. If a person is relaxed and happy you will feel it. And so this is a very basic way how anothers person's energy can directly influence how you feel mentally, emotionally and physically. I would say that this concept is probably at the basis of a Brennan Energy Healer. If you want to read more in depth about energy healing I suggest you read "Holistic Medicine".

If you are already familiar with "energy healing", then I want to introduce myself as an "Advanced Energy Healer."

There are many energy healers in the arena of "holistic medicine". Probably the most popular form of energy healing is called Reiki. Reiki generally involves placement of hands on the body of a client in order to bring the clients energy into a state of healthy balance. Note that in a single weekend of training anyone can become certified as an "energy healer" under the general principals of Reiki. In the end many who are certified Reiki masters and teachers chose invest several more years in the Barbara Brennan School of Healing to further deepen their skills

As a healer I will get into recovering your purpose in life, aligning and clarifying your intention and reclaiming your worth. Working in these kinds of dimensions then set the foundation of how your energy field manifests. Finally, what is manifested in your energy field manifests your reality in the physical world.

The Brennan Energy Healing School emphasizes developing the Healer's ability to regulate their own energy field to best complement and support the health of a client's current emotional, mental and physical state. A trained Brennan Healer creates healing simply by offering a large safe container of privacy and deep empathy -- in so doing often just being in the presence of a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner itself provides profound healing. It is very difficult for a healer to get to this state of healing potency. To get to this state is not about personal talent but deep commitment to continual personal development and growth as spiritual human beings.

In the school we are taught that we are all naturally capable of remarkably powerful energy healing in our lives and for others. However, our natural abilities tend to get blocked by our personalities, our super ego, our fears, beliefs, images and distortions that we bring to this world as a result of our parenting, ancestery, and even past lives. When any human can commit themselves to clearing these blocks and distortions they open themselves up more to that natural divine core of their being, they then become more potent healers. When energy healers ignore that commitment their potency is limited, they become biased by personal insecurities, their clarity becomes distorted, and they are more prone to "making up" or "embellishing" the experience of a healing session for the client rather than providing actual healing. An energy healer that ignores this commitment is more at risk to even cause more harm than benefit to the client.

However the largest piece of what I believe distinguishes the Brennan training from any other healing school of any form of healing modality is it's very high standard of ethics. I am expected to hold my clients in the safest possible container to express and share their feelings and experiences. This certainly means your privacy as my client is of the upmost importance. What you reveal to me will stay with me. In addition to your privacy I am expected to hold healthy boundaries needed to sustain a safe environment for your healing.

A trained Brennan Healer is constantly honing their ability to reveal to you the truth of what is ... without any biases or embellishments. This is something that is easier said than done, and ultimately requires that we as "energy healers" commit and invest in regular therapy sessions on ourselves to continually clear our fields, align with positive intention, and bring forth the clearest form of our expanded core essence. The more frequently I see clients the more I as a healer need to commit to clearing my field. By keeping my field clear I can offer that compassion, safety and ethics that makes my mere presence become the healing. And so when I eventually conduct the "hands on body" action of energy healing the effect is that much more potent. This commitment to the highest ethical standards and regular personal therapy is what makes me a very grounded, potent and caring healer.

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Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., founder of the American Holistic Medical Association: “I visited classrooms [at Barbara Brennan School of Healing]. I have never seen such a consistently happy and positive group...In addition to providing your students the most intensive personal psychotherapy program I know, the overall course work exceeds the requirements in many conventional Ph.D. programs."

Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life : “All we need for healing is light and love, and Barbara Brennan understands this so clearly. Light Emerging takes us to new depths of healing knowledge. I highly recommend it!"

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, physician and author of On Death and Dying : “[Barbara Brennan is] Probably one of the best spiritual (not psychic) healers in the Western Hemisphere." “...a gift to all New Age people who are grasping to understand and comprehend issues of life and health." —

Bernie Siegel, M.D., physician and author of Love, Medicine and Miracles and Peace, Love and Healing: “Barbara Brennan's work is mind opening. Her concepts of the role disease plays and how healing is achieved certainly fit in with my experience."