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Most people think of meditation as something you do to calm down and relax. So in that sense merely walking, jogging, or sleeping could be considered meditation. I think of "meditation" as something more.

Many consider meditation as a more conscious effort to be still and quiet to achieve the effect of calmness, to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. Some consider meditation as a way of achieving "altered states" to possibly transcend the limitations of day to day living. Some consider meditation as "mindfulness"

For me I would start off by not describing meditation, but rather describe more of what it is we seek to be in every day life. I would say our journey is to find a way to "just be". No longer in a state where you judge yourself as being sad, happy, hurt, worried, afraid or depressed but just am. You are complete and whole. All is well. The challenge of our journey is to find a way to "just be" because there are plenty of voices in ourselves that tell use we need to do particular things, become a particular person, or meet particular people to become better, when in the end all that we need is right here, right now, if we could just get ourselves to see this. So because of the fact we are easily distracted by these voices that tell us we need to do things, we need to make a conscious effort to take a slice of time out of our day to allow ourselves to clear these voices. This conscious effort to clear is what I would call meditation. The day we master clearing continuously, the day we can "just be" all the time is when there is no longer a need to create a special time called meditation, because we are already there all the time.

So my intention is to be there all the time, to "just be". When I'm afraid. When I feel hurt. When I feel pain. When I feel anger. I want to be sensitive of it and I want to address it at the time it's happening. As much as possible I work on healing myself always. Over 10 years of rather hard and challenging times I have been working on healing myself. So when I lead a meditation it's really just the script of steps that I have followed to heal myself.

So my meditations are best characterized as "Guided Healings" When you follow my guided healings I am using the best of my intuition to guide you to those same spots of special healing that I've been to. I am trying to show you how to heal yourself, because in the process I am healing myself. I emphasize emotion and intention in my meditations moreso than the mechanics of hand placement and special words. It's best that you believe, feel, and understand the purpose of the healing and not just do the mechanics. Because once you internalize the intent of the healing you no longer need to sit still; you can heal yourself in brief moments throughout your day. You will then know how to create your own meditations and find your own spots of healing.

For example I'm a big proponent in the power of the sound of the AUM (OM) often used in meditations. In my guided healings I try to get you to know and feel the intent of AUM. If you know the intent of the sound of an AUM, then you can achieve it's healing effect silently in the middle of a crowd, in the middle of a conversation, the midst of stressful and unsettling circumstances. In this mindset then taking the time to meditate is then more of a training excercise to get better at some skills that you can apply on the spot, anytime, and anywhere.

Beginner's Meditation

Crying Meditation (Beginner's Meditation)
To help you become better acquainted with your chakras and most importantly the 3rd chakra and its connection to your soul, I have created a meditation I call the “Crying Meditation.” Beginners are often challenged because their mind will drift with day-to-day chatter. In this meditation your mind will be fully occupied with generating sound, feeling sensations and visualizing locations.

1) This meditation strengthens your self. Think of any uncomfortable or painful situation that had, or has threatened your self-esteem. This would be situations in the present or past in which you worry about something not going your way, worry about failing, worry about losing someone or something, feel insecure or have self doubt. These are situations like having others criticizing your faults or asking why you can't be more like someone else. Think of any uncomfortable or painful situation in the present or past in which someone hurt your feelings, that you have failed, that you have lost, that you felt less secure or that people have doubted, ridiculed or ignored you. Seek out and focus on just one of this situations and use this meditation to heal and nourish this area of your life.
2) Find a quiet area and dress in comfortable clothes.
3) You will do a bit of singing and so if you are self conscious of that fact find a room where no one can hear you.
4) The below is the picture I want you remember. To keep things simple I will only ask you to remember three chakras. They will be top, middle and bottom. The top chakra is at the top of your head; the bottom chakra is at the very bottom of your torso. The middle chakra will be just above your naval.

5) Sit in a chair or on the floor.
6) Keep you eyes open first so you can read along the meditation. Then when you can remember close your eyes.

The goal of this meditation is to start associating lower pitched sounds with the lower parts of the body and higher pitched sounds with the higher parts of the body. In music to help someone sing the seven notes of the music scale people are often trained to sing different word-like sounds at different pitches. However, for this exercise I'll make it easy. You will learn to sing with only one word “Lah” as in “La La La” Try singing “La La La” as low as you can until you it's too low to make any sound. Men will tend to find the lower pitches easier. Woman will tend to find the higher pitches easier. Try raising the pitch of your “La La La” until it get almost squeaky and falsetto and your voice cracks and can no longer make a sound.

1) Lowest tone. Please make that lowest tone. Sing a low tone by singing the word “LAAAAAAH” as long as you can and as low as possible. Now choose to associate the lowest possible tone you can make with your 1st chakra. Understand I'm not telling you it's a fact the first chakra is the lowest tone, I'm telling you to just exercise your right to choose this to be correct.
2) Highest pitch tone. Please make the highest pitch tone. Sing “LAAAAAAAAAH” in the highest pitch as possible without raising your volume. This will be way up in the falsetto regions of your voice. Now I want you to associate this pitch of tone with the top chakra located at the top of your head.
3) Repeat Lowest Tone: Now really try the lowest tone to be really low, until your voice fades into an airy sounding whisper. This shall be the tone of the lowest chakra, your bottom chakra.
4) Repeat Highest Tone: Now really try to get the highest high, until you voice cracks into a falsetto or squeaky whisper. This shall be the tone of the highest chakra, your top chakra.
5) Now go from high gradually to lowest tone. This means you will hit pitches in between the highest and lowest pitch you can sing. After you hit your lowest make your voice gradually rise back up in pitch until your reach your highest pitched tone.
6) Now with the sound “LAAAAAAAAAAAAH” I want you to start honing in on the middle most range between your lowest and highest pitch. It should be the tone you can hit most easily because it is exactly in the middle of your range. This is the tone I want you to associate with the middle chakra that is a point near your naval.
7) Now really fine-tune that middle range of tone. Try increasing the pitch of your “LAAAAAAH” just slightly then decrease it just slightly. Keep going up and down in pitch just slightly until you sense that you feel the sound most resonating with that point just above your naval.
8) Now recall a pain or discomfort that has to do with your self worth, self-confidence, self-security and self-purpose that you would like to begin healing. This is not so much physical pain but something like a deep moment of humiliation, embarrassment, frustration, loneliness, defeat, worthlessness and hopelessness.
9) Touch into that pain or need and sing out “LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” into that middlemost range of you voice that resonates most with that middle chakra. Sing “LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” as long as you can until there is absolutely no air in your lungs. And by no air I really mean really really vacate the tiniest pockets of air in your lungs. This singing is essentially an exercise in crying. You have been taught how to not cry and so this is a lesson on how to cry deep and hard as you once did as an infant.
10) When there is no air left and you really need to breathe, then breathe in deeply and fill up your lungs as full as possible. Hold your lungs and count to 3 and then try to breath in even more air. Try to fill out the tiniest pockets of your lungs with air.
11) Again touch into that pain or discomfort at the precise moment in time where it was or is most intense and sing out “LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” at the right pitch so it's centered in the middle range of your body. Keep singing out “LAAAAAAAAAAAH” in one breath without stopping until you absolutely run out of the last drop of air in you lungs.
12) Now let's alter the sound. Change the “LAAAAAAAAAAAAH” to a “LAAAAAAAAAAUUMM”. Again touch into that pain or discomfort at the precise moment in time where it was or is most intense and cry “LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUMMMMM” at the right pitch so it's centered in the middle range of your body. Keep singing out “LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUMMMMM” in one breath without stopping until you absolutely run out of the last drop of air in you lungs.
13) Now alter the sound to be “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUMMMMMM”. Touch into that pain or discomfort at the precise moment in time where it was or is most intense and cry “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUMMMMM” at the right pitch so it's centered in the middle range of your body. Keep singing out “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUMMMMM” in one breath without stopping until you absolutely run out of the last drop of air in you lungs.
14) Repeat this as often as desired and for each cry you will better learn to release the pain that for so long has begged your attention to be nurtured.
15) As you do this meditation you will find you can cry softer and eventually the need to be audible. You can cry in a whisper of your breath and have the same effect as long as the intent of the cry is as genuine as if you were audibly. Master this exercise and you can do this meditation silently at any moment whether standing in the middle of a crowd or sitting in a car.

Self Love Meditation

Self-Love Meditation
This is a very powerful meditation because it is very simple and direct, yet there are very profound things that occur within its simplicity. On one level this meditation is about loving oneself as an individual. However, I have come to believe that this meditation also heals others … in fact the entire universe. I have come to understand that I am within a universe of many dimensions, yet also the entire universe is within me. And so it becomes possible for one person to send love to every single point in the universe simultaneously and in doing so will also be receiving it in return so they are one and together with no distance or time between them.

o This meditation builds upon the beginner's meditation. In this meditation you will be sensitized into feeling bio-energetic energy. The ability to feel energy fields is not some special gift of the few but a natural living function.
o In this world we all seek more love and appreciation for who we are. We also seek to be more loving to others, but at the core it is all dependent upon the love that we feel. We can try to treat our selves with things, or activities, but in the end there may still be this craving left unfulfilled. It is because you have yet to fulfill it with the simple pure love of giving yourself the love only you can give to yourself. This meditation is about nourishing and recharging yourself.
o Find a quiet area with privacy where you feel safe and secure. Lighting should be dimmed or turned off.
o Sit in a chair or on the floor.

1) Now rub the palms of you hands together rapidly and vigorously to generate heat, like you are trying to warm up your hands a lot. Do so at least five seconds.
2) Stop and separate your hands, palms facing directly across from each other, by about three centimeters. Notice the slight tingle sensation on your skin as a result of the vigorous rubbing and friction. But also notice the body heat.

3) If you move your palms from being directly across from each other to being more off-center you'll feel less of the body heat. If you move them more on center you feel more of the body heat emanating from one palm to the other. Now close your eyes and move you palms side to side in this fashion and notice you can feel the differences in heat as you move your palms.
4) Open your eyes and move your palms further apart to double the distance (about six centimeters) and try and feel the differences as you shift palms from side to side. What you are feeling to some extent can be explained by mere body heat.

5) This space now between your palms is large enough to contain a ball about the size of a tennis ball. What you have now is a ball of energy between your palms. Feel this ball of energy that you have created. Cup this ball between your palms. As you move your palms closer together you will concentrate this ball of energy and feel more warmth.
6) Close your eyes, and feel with your eyes closed.
7) Feel the heat as you separate your hands and move them off-center with respect to each other. Visualize the ball of energy expanding as you start to separate your hands. This ball of energy is almost now exerting its own pressure like a balloon expanding with air pushing your palms apart.

8) Continue to let the ball expand larger and larger pushing your hands further apart. As your hands go further apart allow them to rest by your sides, palms up, and allow the energy ball to continue to expand beyond your hands and completely surround your body. Let the ball expand around your entire body as you lay your palms up by your side.

9) This ball is now surrounding your body protecting you like a shield, but it is also gathering more energy from the outside to strengthen itself.
10) Now Imagine someone wrapping their arms around you so warmly and loving you, protecting you, praising you, so proud of you, so encouraging and supportive of you. How does it feel being so protected and so loved by this so supportive being hugging you. This very support is someone in whom you can totally surrender and trust.
12) Now imagine you hugging someone in your arms so warmly so deeply and so supportive. You appreciate all the struggles, fears, and successes of this person more intimately than any other person and so you hug this person so genuinely with love. You feel for this person so much and so you hug them, because they just need a hug so so badly. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO HUG someone this way?
13) Switch back to the feeling of being hugged. Know that you are being hugged by none other than yourself. What is it like being hugged by you?

14) Switch back to the feeling of hugging. Know that you are hugging none other than yourself. What is it like hugging you?
15) Repeat steps 10 thru 14 at least two more times.
16) The ball of energy surrounding you is now energized with more love.
17) Keep eyes still closed. Pull the edges of this energy sphere in as you start to close the ball. Now the energy is concentrated with much more energy then when the ball first started.

18) Eyes should still be closed. Feel energy ball starting off maybe 1 meter wide. Now close the edges of the ball to half this width and feel the intensity pick up. Squeeze the ball a foot apart, the energy intensifies. Now squeeze the ball until is about the size of a tennis ball. It's very intense now.
19) Bring that ball of energy closer to your chest. Then push this ball into your heart, leaving your hands pressed against your heart. Feel how good it is.

20) And you are also being hugged so warmly. Stay in this moment. Feel it. Remember how it feels. Stay in this moment for as long as you want. Enjoy it. 21) When you feel ready slowly open your eyes, breath softly and relaxed, and as you go about your day, try and hold and remember this sensation of being so loved, for it is your nourishment

Other Guided Healings

Other Guided Healings
This section briefly lists out the other Guided Healings I've practiced in private. I hope to be able to share them. But for now I'll just list them. If you're interested in finding out more about anything listed below contact me.

* Meditation for Anger.
This was possibly one of my most personal meditations. It came when I was clinically depressed and made multiple suicide attempts. I was struggling to find a way to stop hurting myself. I found a way. I started to see how depression was a self directed anger. And what I recognized is that this meditation addresses anger in general. So I've been working on expanding this meditation and hope to lead this in the future. Think of times of big hurt, emotional pain, humiliation, betrayal, sharp criticism, being misunderstood unfairly, being mocked, being labeled, or being ignored. Think of times you felt like life is unfair, you felt like a coward, you felt you were weak, are upset that you let someone else "take advantage" of you. This meditation is for addressing this area. For those who like the hugging in the Self Love Meditation, this one is similar. In some ways it's more like an intensive version of the self love meditation.

* Biokinetics
This is derived from techniques I learned from a Biokinetics video. I improvised a bit and found a neat way to address lower back pain, which is something you may encounter when trying to sit still for a meditation. I've never showed anyone this one.

* Meditation of Peace (Toning the Chakras)
This is the foundation of many of my other meditations. I associate 7 sounds with 7 chakras. I emphasize understanding of the choice of the sound, the pitch of the sound, the emotional quality of the sound and most importantly the emotional intent of the sound.

* Feldenkrais Rotation Meditation (Feeling the Chakras)
Based upon learnings of body movement therapy at a Feldenkrais seminar. It was a technique used to address lower back pain. I extended to address sensations up and down the spine an ultimately all the chakras.

* Breathing thru the Chakras
This one I learned from Nancy Matilla a Reiki Master

* Meditation to Remove Flu
This is probably the first meditation I ever came up with on my own. I came up with this one in my teens. I used it to recover from the flu. It involves bringing down lots of powerful light to the point of literally incinerating the illness away. When I first did this I recovered in half a day. The next time I did it I recovered in one hour. It's been a long time since I've had the flu.

* Being Present Meditation
This is the hardest one to guide because it works best when you're alone. It involves things like listening, clapping of hands, and doing things to startle yourself so that you recognize that you are actually asleep. Eckerd Tolle has a book "Power of Now" and this is about being Now.

* The Source Meditation
This one is still in the works. The basic technique is surrender and letting go and allowing something special to expand from the heart. You can't try to get to this place, it just happens. All I can say is that when you come to touch The Source it's total ecstasy and once you're here in the moment nothing else matters. I don't know quite how to get you here, except that maybe it's the result of doing the other meditations. You can read more about my journeys with The Source at www.touchthesource.com

* Mirror Meditation
Based upon a practice I heard from Jack Canfield on building self esteem.

* Energy Ball Meditation
I've been making this a subset of the Self Love Meditation

* Physical Pain Meditation
This is about releasing actual physical pain. It was based upon some initial concepts a Feldenkrais practioner used to help address Fibromyalgia.

* Send Energy to the Center
This one came to me based upon realizations of multi-dimensions. You essentially send energy to the center of your heart and feel it reach the far ends of the universe. It's sort of like some concepts of Black Holes, where if one can travel in a implosion they can appear anywhere else. In this realization you can send love and energy to anyone else more directly by sending it straight into your heart. Energy that you send to the center reappears on the outer edges of the universe and showers back down upon yourself.

* Natural Deep Breathing
This one helps a lot in getting good quality AUMs. Try this. Lie down. Bend both of your legs so that your feet lie straight on the floor and spread legs slightly apart. Breath in deeply. Hold your breath for 5 seconds. Now try to breath in further. You might be surprised that you can breath in further. Hold breath longer and then try to breath in further. You might find there are extra pockets in your lungs that you've never known you could fill. This is the beginning to natural deep breathing, or rather finding a way to forget the learned stresses and limitations on your life that keep making your breath a bit shallower than it could be naturally.

Listen to recording of a version of above Self Love Meditation here.
<a href="http://wakundama.bandcamp.com/track/self-love-meditation-jan-2010">Self Love Meditation (Jan 2010) by WakundaMa</a>
Listen to recording of a Meditation to Dissipate Fear here
<a href="http://wakundama.bandcamp.com/track/fear-meditation-feb-2010">Fear Meditation (Feb 2010) by WakundaMa</a>
Note that you can download the above recordings to your iPod. To do so, click where it says download. Next select high quality AAC as the format to download. Then when you've successfully downloaded the file (should have an .mp4 file extension), you can drag and drop onto iTunes and it should get imported. Then from iTunes you can resync with your iPod. In some distant future I hope to get these place in a podcast so it's much easier to do this. Stay tuned for details when I get a podcast going.

I wish you well. You are loved.