Year 2000: My Patient Heroes
On November 1999, I committed to raising over $4500 on behalf of our two patient heroes: Dalton Ashley and Mave Haimbodi. By using my marathon, I was able to raise nearly $6000 by race day on June 17th of 2000. On the weeks following I was still collecting money! Each year new heroes are nominated.
Click here for Dalton's Message
Dalton was diagnosed with Leukemia on February 24, 1999. He had just turned 3-years old. Dalton loves everyone and almost everything. He is very independent and loves to learn. Every day it's amazing the way he handles things and the way he learns new things. He loves to watch TV (Barney, Tele-tubbies, etc.) and he loves movies. He loves to build things - and then knock them down. He is really into sporting activities (baseball, basketball, racing, football, etc.) He loves to play sports, too. He is willing to try anything - at least once. He is very lovable and cares deeply for others.
7 month old Mave Haimbodi was diagnosed with Leukemia on 1997, Thanksgiving day. She spent all of December and January in a hospital. Afterwards she was in and out till about March of 1998. She underwent chemotherapy and stopped treatment on April of 1998. Mave is now over 2 years old and so far is doing very well. However, since treatments typically last for about 3 years, we still have to be on the watch of a possible relapse. She is a happy boisterous girl, who loves to sing, dance, talk, swing and read. 

The Following is a Message from Dalton
Hi everyone!! I just wanted to Thank everyone for their kindness, and prayers and thoughts and cards and gifts and visits and phone calls and well everything!! This has been quite an eventful year in my family! I know most of you know about my Leukemia, I just wanted to fill you in on my progress! The last 10 months have been different! We spent alot of time in the hospital getting my chemo and of course staying many nights when I was sick! I like it there, it spoils me when I'm there! Everyone is so nice! I just finished up my last bout of aggressive treatment and am about to start on about 2 years of what they call mantinence. (That means less time in the hospital and more time at home. Also I can kinda have a normal life!) I have an appt. on the 28th [12/28/99] to get a spinal tap and a bone marrow aspiration! (that means they take out some of my bone marrow and check for those bad cells) If there are no bad cells and everything is the way it is supposed to be, then in a few months I can probably get my central line out! (that's a catheder in m chest for blood tests and medicene) I can't wait!! When I get my tubes out, I'm gonna play in the mud!! :) :) (sounds like fun, doesn't it!!) After get my tubes out I only need to go in about once a month and get blood tests and my chemo! Of course, mommy will be giving me alot of medicene at home! But that's Ok!! I'm a Big Boy now!!!! Also hopefully soon I can ride the bus and go to school and play with my friends and play at McDonalds and go to the movies and well do everything! I can't wait!! :) :) Life sounds pretty good these days! :):) Well I guess that's all! Have a Wonderful Christmas and save me some cookies!! :):)

Hugs and Kisses
Dalton :):)