Below is a movie created using iTunes, iMovie, Sound Studio on a Macintosh and a Canon S230 digital camera. The software iTunes and iMovie are free and Sound Studio costs around $50. Windows will need to download the QuickTime viewer to play this video. You can download QuickTime for Windows for free by clicking here.

Windows users may ask why don't I just let you download a movie format that Windows can play without downloading QuickTime. The difference is that a 2 minute movie in native Windows format (.avi) is over 14 megabytes in size and will take you about 2 hours to download by modem. The effort to download and install QuickTime (4 minutes to download and about 25 minutes to install) and download the QuickTime compressed movie will end up saving you well over an hour of download time!

Click here to view Muffin Movie
This is a 2.5 Megabyte QuickTime Movie. Expect about 7 to 15 minutes to download over a modem.

Click here to view Shoe Movie
This is a 3.9 Megabyte quicktime movie converted from a 20 Megabyte avi movie.