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Updated 7/26/02

No Challenge is Too Great if you Believe in things greater than life. Do you Believe in a spiritual existence, because your Spirit exceeds this life on Earth. Do you Believe in a Soul, because it is your Soul that is your eternal essence. Do you Believe yor Mind or Heart? Because, although the Mind can think, it is Heart that knows. If you fail, will others laugh at you? Will you be alone? Are you afraid?

Believe in a Greater Existence.
Believe you are always Loved.
Fear Not. Follow your Heart.

Is meditation not working for you? Have you tried Yoga and find the poses too advanced? Even if you've never tried either, then maybe you just want a beginner's course to the beginner's course. You will come out of this course with a basic foundation, of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual tools to get the most out of any class dedicated to meditation or yoga. Floor exercises improve cranial-sacral flow, reduce back pain. Mirror exercises create your own positive reality. Meditations unleash healing energy.

This is being offered as a short 1/2 day session. Stay tuned for more info.

Requirements: You should bring a pen or pencil and one pad of Post-Its. You should wear comfortable clothing and bring a floor mat (and possibly pillow) so that you can lie down and sit on the floor. For the 3rd and final session you will need a mirror.

Session 1: WakundaMa(TM) Yoga Energy Meditation
Please bring: Post-it pad, pen and a floor mat suitable for lying down on. Wear comfortable clothes.
Eastern philosophies include a belief that there are different energy centers called chakras in the body. It is said that all illnesses, be it physical, mental, or emotional can be traced to a disturbance or blockage in this energy field. This is the basis of therapies such as Acupuncture and Reiki. Even western science is slowly starting to confirm what has been written for several thousand years. There is some type of life energy field that coexists with physical body. It is literally a force field that emanates around the body that can be seen using Kirlian photography or even by many humans. Practitioners have used this knowledge to cure supposedly incurable diseases. This session will focus on the 7 major chakras or energy centers of the human body, and their purpose. It will talk about how the colors we wear and decorate our homes can be used to nourish our chakras and our lives. It will talk about the effects of sound and mantras. Finally, we will end in an energy meditation with origins from Reiki. Meditations operate primarily in the energy realm.

Session 2: WakundaMa(TM) Yoga Floor Exercises
Please bring: Post-it pad, pen and a floor mat suitable for lying down on. Wear comfortable clothes.

According to Dr. Thomas Hanna (founder of Hanna Somatics and BioKinetics) as we get older our bodies should be getting more supple. Instead we associate backaches, tightness, and collapsing posture as part of natural aging. In this session you will learn some gentle floor exercises that will reduce back pain and improve cranial-sacral flow. They will work to neurologically teach your brain to reverse much of what we associate with aging process. They will also help you relax, improve meditations and reinforce the energy flows developed when meditating.

Session 3: Finding your Spirit/ Unify Energy and Physical
Please bring: Mirror, Post-it pad, pen.

This session introduces integrated energy/physical meditation with mirroring and mental perceptions to further self love. This starts to bring the rigors and challenges of the real world into the picture. Some issues that will be addressed are: Are there any people or places that you just don't get along with? What's the purpose of them? You will also begin creating on your self-esteem poster.